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  • Speak and Write to Make Millions (Online Course)
  • Lisa will teach you the techniques she used
  • Online Audio/Video Courses
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Lisa Nichols Will Teach You The Techniques She Used To:

  • Capture the Chicken Soup for the Soul contract
  • Become a featured teacher in the Secret
  • Secure a 7 figure book deal
  • Grow her business 250%
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In Addition You Will Learn:

  • 10 steps to writing a best seller
  • How to make more money then you can imagine doing what you love to do
  • How to triple your speaking and writing income instantly

Online Audio/Video Courses:

  • Destined for Greatness
  • Bootstrap to Big time – Susie Carder
  • Marketing Mastery – Pete Bissonette
  • Success Systems – Susie Carder
  • Publishing Secrets – Bonnie Solow
  • Internet Marketing – Bill Harris
  • Setting Your Champion Free
  • Turning Passion Into Profit
  • Will The Universe Answer My Call – O Magazine Article