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The most actionable personal coaching course you’ve ever heard!

  • Become your own inner coach and find the strength to overcome any circumstance
  • Do away with your negative chatter
  • Bring forth greatness
  • Develop your “bounce-back” muscle, and bounce forward into the life you were meant to live
  • Start playing bigger in all areas of your life – from wealth, relationships, finances, health and more!

Have you done other personal transformational courses, only to find that the results don’t stick or that you start to falter after completing the program?  No Matter What! takes a different approach.

Lisa teaches you how to tap in to your inner coach and master the art of self-transformation.  Through Lisa’s guidance and support, this home study course will show you how to get out of your own way and start living the life you truly deserve.

Get ready for AMAZING things to happen!

This multi-part course, No Matter What!, is designed to teach you how to be your own coach and to smash away all of that negative self-talk and energy that holds you back from your true potential.

This Course will show you how to…

  • Create a tangible shift in your mindset, behavior and actions
  • Release any negative thoughts, feelings or conversations that are blocking your path
  • Move into a place of certainty and stop second-guessing yourself
  • Pour into yourself instead of over-giving and feeling depleted
  • Serve others from your overflow
  • Have more faith in life, and more importantly, in yourself
  • Communicate with conviction and effectively make decisions
  • Know the direction you want to go in and start moving toward that goal
  • Enjoy increased success

Lisa is an expert in touching people’s hearts and moving them to action. She’ll show you how do to what is necessary to overcome your circumstances and negativity, and climb toward prosperity and success.  This unique course lays out the groundwork for you to blow away all that negative chatter in your head and focus your attention on the greatness you want to create.

The No Matter What Home Study Course includes:

  • Five Coaching CDs that help you discover your inner coach, access strengths, nourish your being, develop your flexibility of mind and emotions, and empower your actions.
  • Self-Work CD with practical, yet powerful, exercises that move you from reflection to inspired action — in other words, from off the couch out into life!
  • Personal Journal & Self-Work Journal to write, draw, doodle, and discover what works best for you as you develop your muscles of character and explore how to step in to your unique greatness.
  • No Matter What! Paraliminal CD to help you absorb and process the information you are learning.

Everything you need to live a life of success, no matter what!

Plus the Deluxe Edition comes with…

  • A set of 25 Affirmation Cards to inspire and encourage you to go out and create what you want and to remind you just how wonderful you really are.
  • A set of 15 Ask a Better Question Cards to improve the effectiveness of your response to any opportunity, challenge, or obstacle in life. Use the cards to reveal your own inner wisdom and expand your possibilities.
  • Two Fast Finish CDs to accelerate your learning. On these two CDs you will be able to listen to the key materials from the Coaching CDs at a super-rapid pace, making it easier to review the material and imprint it into your inner, genius mind.
  • And the crowning jewel: Three Inspirational Conversation CDs that expand and extend the coaching sessions with additional pearls of wisdom, insight, and instruction on how to apply the lessons to your life.

These three Inspirational Conversation CDs feature Lisa along with three well-known transformational leaders:

  • Paul R. Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies and developer of the Paraliminal technology.
  • Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.
  • Michael Beckwith, inspired leader of the Agape International Spiritual Community and a featured teacher on The Secret.

The depth that these sessions will add to your life is astounding, and you’ll find yourself revisiting these sessions again and again.

Throughout the No Matter What! course Lisa and her team will be with you every step of the way, from the comfort of your own home. She’ll help you work through your challenges and come out on the other side — bigger, greater and better.

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Get ready for AMAZING things to happen!. This multi-part course, No Matter What!, is designed to teach you how to be your own coach and to smash away all of that negative self-talk and energy that holds you back from your true potential…

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