There are moments when I look around the speaker training industry and get so frustrated.

Frankly, there’s a massive void in the marketplace around training to become an artful, powerful, impactful speaker.

Sure, there are a ton of courses around how to make money from the stage, or how to write a talk, or how to speak for the first time.

But when it comes to the most important aspect of speaking — being able to touch and inspire a room, and using your story to change lives?

There’s a massive void.

Many courses claim to teach this stuff, but only offer top-line, barely substantial information. They dangle the carrot in front of you because the teacher doesn’t want to give their best secrets away.

… but I do.

Not just that: I want to make sure you learn it the absolute best way possible: Live with me, and voice to voice. From anywhere.

That’s why I created Ignite Your Speaking & Writing.

It’s part self-study training, part community, and part hands-on coaching with me, alongside an exclusive tribe of speakers from around the world.

The goal? To help you not just be a better speaker — but a true, impactful artist on the stage.

If you want to take your speaking, business, and life to the next level?

 I welcome you to join us.

You don’t even have to leave your home.

I created this program so I could offer my highest tier of support to more people, without making you get on a plane.

Over the course of the training program and live coaching calls, you’ll get heart-to-heart feedback and tools directly from me, along with the absolute best techniques and speaker strategies that used to only be available at my top-tier speaker training intensive.

Ignite Your Speaking & Writing is all about teaching you how to be an extraordinary artist on stage, and a whip-smart entrepreneur offstage, as you learn how to truly turn your speaking into a powerful revenue-generator for your business.

Now the only question is: Are you ready to take your speaking to the next level?

It would be my absolute honor to support you directly.

Your Sister in the Journey,