Don’t Dim Your Light

Lisa Nichols shares why it is so important to show up, play full out and own your brilliance and not dim your own light for anyone else.

How to balance discipline with self-care

Lisa Nichols shares her top tips for establishing a self-care practice and explains the importance of balancing discipline with self-care

Speaker tips

Top Tips for Becoming a Powerful Speaker

It’s hard to condense that huge topic down into bitesize nuggets for you to consume, but this week I decided to take that challenge. Because as gladiators, unicorns and change agents, we like to rise up to challenges, right? So, get your pen and paper out and get ready to take notes as I share my top tips for becoming a powerful speaker!

speaker tips

Speak Up Even When Your Voice Shakes

Lisa Nichols shares the importance of speaking up, even when it is a challenge and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Even if your voice shakes.

The Responsibility of a Speaker

The Responsibility of a Speaker

Lisa Nichols shares the importance of community and the top three benefits of having a strong support system for feedback, encouragement and accountability.

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