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Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is a best-selling author, a popular public speaker, a powerful coach, and a charismatic teacher!

Lisa Nichols has reached millions, both nationally and internationally with her powerful message of empowerment, service, excellence & gratitude..

Her participation in the self-development phenomenon, The Secret, catapulted her popularity across the globe. Lisa has appeared on the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Extra,” “Larry King Live” and on NBC’s Emmy Award-winning show, “Starting Over.”

In addition, Lisa is the founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC. Her transformational workshops have impacted the lives of over 210 thousand teens and over 1 million adults.

Her new book, No Matter What! Hit 6 bestsellers list, including the New York Times list, in the first 37 days of being released and has already been sold in 20 foreign languages. Lisa has been coined “The Breakthrough Specialist” by her peers in the industry.

Lisa has been honored with many awards in recognition for her empowering work, including the Humanitarian Award from South Africa, the Ambassador of Good Will Award, Emotional literacy award, The Legoland Foundation’s Heart of Learning Award. The Mayor of Henderson, Nevada has proclaimed November 20th as Motivating the Teen Spirit Day. And recently the Mayor of Houston, Texas proclaimed May 9th as Lisa Nichols day for her dedication to service, philanthropy and healing.

Lisa is a dynamic speaker with an extraordinary story and a tremendous ability to touch people’s hearts and souls. She is a master at accomplishing unfathomable goals and teaching others to do the same. Lisa Nichols has transformed her life from struggling single mom to a motivational millionaire entrepreneur, and she has dedicated her life to teaching others how to do the same.


Susie Carder

Susie Carder is an expert in providing companies with training, organizational development, management leadership development, and growth solutions. Carders expertise is in operations, finance, sales accountabilities systems, and marketing. Through a successful 20-year track record, she developed and implemented strategic business plans leading to substantial revenue, profit growth and investment opportunities. Furthermore, Carder has excelled in creating both the structure and team necessary to guide the company through the turbulence and uncertainty of this dramatic growth.




Scott Ryder

Scott Ryder, CFO, is responsible for accounting, investor relations, financial decision support, financial planning & analysis, internal audit, tax, human resources and information technology. Scott joins Motivating the Masses from The ManKind Project USA, where he served as Chief Financial Officer for the renowned global non-profit charitable organization whose high-profile work empowers men worldwide to missions of service on behalf of their communities. Prior to The ManKind Project USA, he served as Head of Operations, Investment Banking Group for D.A. Davidson & Company (Costa Mesa, CA), a full-service investment firm with $45 billion in client assets under management, and as Chief Operating Officer/Chief Compliance Officer for McGladrey Capital Markets LLC (Costa Mesa). Scott eared his Master of Business Administration from the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, CA and Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Redlands, Redlands, CA.




Margaret Packer
Executive Manager

Margaret is an essential component to managing the corporate movement and environment of MTM. An accomplished leader who is confident, organized and driven with 15 years of experience of holding and executing company mission and values. Maintaining the corporate and personal calendar of Lisa, coordinating contracts, travel itineraries, project planning, concierge program, customer service, and organizing programs and back office to events. As the executive manager she can analyze a situation, work out a precise plan of action, itemize everything, and carry out the work on time. Margaret significantly expands and reinforces her sphere of activity in business by working together with co-workers and volunteers. On top of everything else, she ensures morale stays high and employees work as a team.



Tia Ross
Master Facilitator of Motivating the Teen Spirit

Tia Ross is a powerful Certified Master Facilitator for Motivating the Teen Spirit. Facilitating workshops that focus on emotional healthiness and personal accountability, she has touched the lives of parents and youth in schools, in the juvenile justice system, and in social services across the nation.

Her experience is in the juvenile justice system of San Diego, CA, where she has held numerous positions that include student worker, family support worker, SAY San Diego, CAT Team, WINGS Program Coordinator, and church services leader with volunteers of probation.



CeCe Clark
Director of Global Sales

CeCe Clark joins Motivating the Masses with over 17 years of corporate sales, business development and entrepreneurial experience, having grown and scaled both emerging and Fortune 500 companies. As Director of Global Sales, CeCe is charged with the strategic growth of the organization and is responsible for the sales of transformational products and related services to individuals and companies in all markets worldwide.

As an entrepreneurial coach and trainer, CeCe is known as the creator of the $40k in 40 Days TM Predictive Income System. CeCe helps passionate and determined entrepreneurs get the coaching, confidence and cash they need to build the dream business that supports their dream life.

Although she holds a Master’s degree from the City University of New York, CeCe developed her insight into the inner workings of creating predictive income as Director at the DC Chamber of Commerce, Business Development Manager for AT&T Global Sales and finally as the CEO of Clark Development Group; a Washington, DC based real estate firm that she founded and grew to 5 million dollars by age 34.


Nicole Roberts Jones
Director of Development

Nicole Roberts Jones, MSW has been called a Trailblazer, Transformer and a Visionary. As a life success coach, executive mentor, trainer and empowered speaker, Nicole's energized and thought provoking workshops are one's that will push you into your highest self. Nicole has an exhilarating presence that compels people to stop allowing limits placed on them to hinder their progression toward becoming all they were destined to be. Nicole brings her broad experience and successful track record to everything she touches.

As a Content Development Coach, Nicole has worked with Heads of State, business leaders and foundation executives to develop programs in school-based, faith-based, community & agency settings. She has also served as an adjunct professor at both the University of Southern California (USC ) and Boston University Schools of Social Work.

As a Life Success Guru, Nicole has worked with teens & women for the last 20 years in what she believes is her life's mission to help women own and grow their greatness! As a Director of the Personal Development Division at Motivating the Masses (a Lisa Nichols company) Nicole works with women & entrepreneurs all over the country to live limitlessly and to create a vision for their life and/or business that will propel them toward becoming the woman they are meant to be!


Jennifer Kem
Marketing Director and Brand Officer

Jennifer Kem, Marketing Director and Brand Officer, is responsible for the offline and online marketing strategy for Motivating the Masses. With 16 years of product development, product management, brand strategy, copywriting, executive consultation, social media and affiliate marketing, Jennifer is accountable to extend the Lisa Nichols and Motivating the Masses brand globally.

With experience at top companies like Oracle, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kroll Associates, Sun Microsystems, Age Wave, Hawaiian Telcom as as well as her own digital strategy and execution agency KemComm Media Group, Jennifer consults with and trains corporate executives and business owners to elevate their brands and grow their business using lead generation, digital strategy and all aspects of advertising, including direct mail, directTV, print and radio.

Coined the 'Strategic Narrator' and 'CMO-for-hire' for modern businesses - she has been directly responsible for company revenue growth in every engagement she has served using leadership, fiscal aptitude, product prioritization, and program execution.

As part of the Motivating Masses core team, her experience and passion for our clients around the world serves business owners to create massive impact and profit through training and workshops, entrepreneurial programs and executive coaching.


Maria Dowd
Director of Sales Development

Maria Dowd serves as Director of Sales and Sponsorship Development for Motivating the Masses, responsible for creating and nurturing small business and corporate relationships, offering training and coaching programs, products and promotional opportunities to organizations interested in making quantum leaps in professional development and business growth.

Maria may be best known as the founder and producer of African American Women on Tour, one of the premier women's empowerment conferences that profoundly touched the lives of thousands of women and girls, as it traveled around the country and internationally for 13 years. For the past 12 years, Maria marketed wellness and beauty products, prior to the fateful day she attended MTM's "Speak & Write to Make Millions" boot camp. After a breakdown, then breakthrough, she made it her mission to be part of this powerful community of leaders deeply committed to transforming the lives of individuals, families and communities worldwide.



Lisa Nichols

"Motivating the Masses is the system I used to become an international success!"

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